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The Friday Round-Up (from Animation to the Man Who Created Bigfoot)

Claude Harrington 07.08.2016

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a round-up of some things you might have missed:


Tuesday: PICK OF THE WEEK: The Berlin Candy Bomber (Explanation Video)

Wednesday: Interviews with Animators: James Cunningham

Thursday: Best Practices: Explainer Video Distribution & Marketing

ICYMI: 5 Common Call to Action Mistakes That Explainer Videos Make

ICYMI: What to Look for When Judging an Animation Studio’s Portfolio


FROM THE VAULT: How To Get The Most Out of Your Animation Company

“You’ve hired us to create an animated video for your company. You’re excited to start digging into the scripting and share in our creative process. Rest assured, we want to make a great video just as much as you do, so what can you do to team up with your animation company to get the best results?”


Animation News:

Borrowed Time Wins Best in Show At SIGGRAPH 2016 (via Cartoon Brew)

How The Jungle Book is Influencing the Future of Animation (via Movie Pilot)

Animation’s Secret Weapon: The Secret Life of Pets Voice All-Star Jenny Slate (via LA Times)


Pokémon Go Is The Most Addicting App In Years. Here’s Why It Matters (via Fast Company)

The Death and Resurrection of the Pop Album (via Third Bridge Creative)

A Brief History of TV Shows’ Opening Credit Sequences (via The Week)



Why Microsoft is Betting Its Future on AI (via The Verge)

How Google Is Transforming NYC Payphones Into Data Goldmines (via The Village Voice)

You Phone Has an FM Chip, So Why Can’t You Listen to the Radio? (via WIRED)



Shootings in Dallas, Minnesota and Baton Rouge: What We Know (via The New York Times)

The Secret Nuclear History of Cat Videos (via Motherboard)

The Man Who Created Bigfoot (via Outsider)

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