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Our Upcoming TV Show Opener!

Dan 06.06.2012

Here at IdeaRocket, we’ve been abuzz recently, having just wrapped up work on the show open for a major television program.  The project is a compelling (but fear not, only temporary) diversion from our usual stream of business-focused videos.  Though full details will be announced in July, we’re very excited to give you a few teasers:

  • The opener is in the RSA, or whiteboard style, with sporadic splashes of color.
  • It traverses the long history of the show and its characters, comically displaying milestones in the characters’ lives, as well as the program’s many setting changes.
  • It features an RV and illegal drugs (but no, it’s not for Breaking Bad)
Working on this project we came to a realization: the opener is pretty much what we usually do: an explainer video.  Just like our usual business-focused work, it tells the story of a character that has a need, and then ultimately fails or succeeds at fulfilling this need.  Within a minute, it simplifies and elucidates a complex concept, in this case the history of a long-running TV show.  The lasting effect is to intrigue the viewer into sticking around for the rest of the show.  In the same way, a viewer of one of our explainer videos hungers for more information: they submit an inquiry on the company’s website, download a whitepaper or free demo, or otherwise reach out… conversion gained!


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