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What is Wipster? (And How Can The Video Production Platform Help You?)

Claude Harrington 09.13.2016

One of the best things about video production is that it’s an inherently collaborative process. Directors, producers, clients and so many more, all working together to make something greater than the sum of their parts. But where there is collaboration, there are difficulties as well; especially with the process-driven nature of video production. From schedule and workflow to communication and prioritization, it can be challenging to leverage the collective power of collaboration.

Wipster, however, has decided to take on this challenge. By offering an elegant and intuitive cloud-based platform for reviewing, approving and collaborating on video production. What does that mean, exactly? And what can Wipster do for you? Let’s take a closer look…

Header- Wipster

A New Solution to Video Production

Like so many great products, Wipster was founded by people who wanted to solve a pain point that they were personally dealing with. In this case, they were filmmakers who hated the process of getting videos reviewed, approved and delivered.

Upon starting this mission-driven company, Wipster’s founders wrote a manifesto. If you have a couple minutes, we encourage you to read it. Either way, before we dive into what makes Wipster unique, and explore how it might be able to help you, there are a few highlights from the manifesto that we wanted to share. Not only because they are inspiring to anyone who’s ever been involved in the video production process, but because they give us a glimpse into Wipster’s ethos and the state of internet video. In particular, a few quotes stood out:

  • “In 2011, 51 percent of all internet traffic was video. By 2016 that is set to be 86 percent.”
  • “[But] It’s more than just numbers. The ground underneath us is shifting. The tools of creativity are easier to use than they’ve ever been, and the tools of distribution are even easier. The power is in the hands of those that have never had it.”
  • “We believe in video makers, and it’s our mission to make sure there’s as little between them and getting things done as possible. That’s why Wipster exists.”

Now that we understand Wipster’s raison d’etre, looks take a closer look at some of their efforts to deliver on that mission…

Easy Upload

Getting started on Wipster is every bit as easy and intuitive as one would hope. It’s basically just a quick drop n’ drop and then, voila, your video is ready to go!

Easy Upload

The Communication of Collaboration

For anyone who has ever shared a Word doc littered with “tracked changes,” you know how frustrating it can be to stare at a jumble of notes that refer to things all over the place. Fortunately, that is not the case with Wipster.

The platform lets you place notes anywhere in a frame. This may seem like a small thing, but it really makes such a difference. Because now your comments can be as simple as “change this color to blue” instead of something like this: “see that vase in the top left; well, not that vase exactly, but the one two over from it. Let’s make it blue.” This type of specificity doesn’t just streamline the entire process, but it also helps you avoid mistakes (i.e. I thought you meant this! Oh, you meant that?).

Notes from each team member are displayed with a different color and then all of the notes can be found easily on the timeline like this:

The Communication of Collaboration

From To Do to To Done

Given the freedom of specificity, one of our initial fears was that going through the notes would be chaotic; that it would be hard to keep track of everything and ensure that all notes were addressed. But Wipster provides a great checklist system.

From To Do to To Done

In addition to the on-screen ease and accessibility, we also appreciate the flexibility to export the information so that it can be analyzed and allocated through other channels.

Vimeo Integration

Simply put: Wipster’s integration with Vimeo is excellent…

[vimeo video_id=”155475569″ width=”400″ height=”300″ title=”Yes” byline=”Yes” portrait=”Yes” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”00adef”]

14-Day Free Trial

Wipster Pro plans start at $15/month. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then we recommend you start by taking the service for a test drive; Wipster currently offers a free 14-day trial that you can sign up for here.

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  • Laura Williamshill

    Hi Claude, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I used to be a huge fan of the tool, too, but since their latest pricing update I’ve left them. Looking for new options now. After browsing I thought the service of frame and filestage is pretty good. Can you recommend any of them?

    • IdeaRocket

      Don’t know them, Laura! We just swallowed hard on the price hike and stayed with Wipster.

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