Looped Animation: 2016 Yule Log Compendium

William Gadea 01.12.2017

For many years WPIX, and independent TV station in New York, would broadcast a yule log just before Christmas. It was a log burning on a fireplace, Christmas music… and nothing else. For hours. Of course, this minimalist approach to television was widely admired at the time and is fondly remembered by many.

That “many” included animators who would create a competition that paid homage to that holiday tradition: looped animations on the Christmas/fireplace theme. The competition grew and grew, and last year – for the first time – generated some proceeds that went to charity. You can go see last year’s entrants here (along with some slightly annoying interactive website features.)

Below is a compendium of the best entries.

Yule Log Ensemble 2016 from Yule Log 2.0 on Vimeo.

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