Video Marketing

Does Animated Video Convert?

Dan 08.23.2012

We used to feel a little hypocritical when we counseled our clients to use video on their home pages. It boosts conversions, we would say! And of course, there is ample research [pdf] and anecdotal evidence to support that view.

But we didn’t follow our own advice. Our own site did not have a home page video, as it does now. It’s been about six months now since the new video came online. So what have the results been? Well, it’s hard to isolate a variable, since we also replaced our old brand and site (Homebaked Films) with our new one about the time the new video went online. Nevertheless, the results have been impressive:

Conversion rate before: 2.35%

Conversion rate after: 3.43%

Wow. That’s 46% more conversions! What took us so long?

We’d love to know what your experience has been like after placing video: have you noticed any change in conversions?

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