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Introducing Startup Bytes

William Gadea 10.02.2012

Last year, while visiting Fred Wilson’s blog, I came across a guest post called “Minimum Viable Personality.” I was blown away. It was funny, it was a really sharp view on branding, and it was told through the voice of a robot dinosaur called Fake Grimlock.

Fast forward a bit to this past summer. We decided it would be exciting to create a series of videos called Startup Bytes. Each clip would feature the voice and views of someone who had something interesting to say about startups or the tech sector — maybe an academic, a blogger, an entrepreneur, an activist, a VC. I immediately thought of Fake Grimlock and approached him about the idea, and he agreed.

What was he like to work with? Well, usually the notes we get from the people we work with don’t end with “OR ELSE.” We did what we were told.

I’m proud to present the first fruit of Startup Bytes, though I hasten to add that we’re starting with an anomaly. Most of the clips we’ll produce in this series won’t be cartoons, but more like the explainers we usually produce. We’re looking forward to illuminating the views of some very compelling people. I hope you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can follow our offerings!


William Gadea

William Gadea is the Creative Director and Founder of IdeaRocket.

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