Explainer Video

Have No Fear, Venmo Is Here!

David 03.25.2013

Here are two recent explainers for Venmo and Venmo Payouts.

Venmo is a handy app that facilitates casual payments between friends. Among other features, the app gives users the chance to socialize their transactions by making them public to their Facebook friends.

In this clip, we went with a comic book style, jumping from panel to panel as the story unfolds. Though we regret to inform you that no caped avengers make an appearance in this explainer, the true “superhero” is the Venmo app itself; an app doing its part, once and for all, to save the world from awkward social scenarios.

Venmo Payouts shifts the focus from payments between peers to payments between businesses. Using the Venmo platform, Payouts provides an easy-to-use interface for companies to pay their service providers. The following clip uses our whiteboard animation style to illustrate how Venmo Payouts can speed up and simplify the business payment process.

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