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Which Voiceover is Right for Your Brand?

David 04.24.2013

Bob Bergen VoiceoverBetween James Earl Jones’ scholarly baritone announcing CNN to Gilbert Gottfried’s (formerly) Aflac-touting New York whine, it suffices to say that some voices are wrong for brands. So how do you pick the right voice for yours? Often a tricky undertaking, identifying and implementing the right voice can make all the difference in how a customer processes the information that you give them. While audiences may not even realize it, they are forming intuitive opinions about your brand from the very first words they hear.

Here are a few considerations when choosing a voiceover artist:

1.  Is your script ready to be voiced?

Make sure you have developed a clear, concise, and ideally, memorable script before you cast your voice.

2.  Is the voice right for your brand?

Is your brand young or mature? Buttoned-up or irreverent? Casual or detail-focused? Your voice will represent your brand personality to your market, so choose accordingly.

3. What is the demographic of your audience?

You should select a voice that appeals to, or at least does not alienate, your audience. The laid back surfer-dude probably isn’t the best choice for explaining your government-focused data security platform…

To add balance, we often like to cast our VO artists in gender opposition to the protagonist of our videos, i.e., if we feature a female protagonist, we cast a male VO, and vice versa.

4.  Find a professional voice.

If you don’t have a specific artist in mind, we suggest going with a VO marketplace, where you can post auditions. Here are two good ones:

Voice 123 ( (

We use

5.  Carefully evaluate the Audition / Demo.

Free Video Script TemplateIn most cases, just a few words can tell you whether or not the VO artist gels with your brand. Of course you need to evaluate qualities like cadence, tone, and enunciation. Equally important, however, is making sure the recording quality is up to par. Does the audition sound crisp and clear, or is there feedback, unneeded reverb, or audio artifacts? If the recording quality is low on the audition, it will invariably be a problem on the full length takes.

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