Animated Video Production

Motion Graphics “Tear Down The Wall” at Alcatel-Lucent

David 05.01.2013
20th Century Russian Constructivism

“5 Minutes” Anatoly Belski movie poster – 1929

Alcatel-Lucent’s Unified Access provides a converged network solution for companies having problems due to separate wired and wireless networks. In our recent explainer for their product, we evoked the events of 1989 with a “fall of the wall” metaphor that dramatized the product’s benefits.

In this video we used a mixture of digital cutout animation and motion graphics. The visual style draws inspiration from early 20th century Russian Constructivism and Art-Deco with bold, angular, lines and gradients in the sky. We also used a deliberate approach to the color scheme. It begins with drab, gray-scaled, colors when the wall is up, and then becomes more colorful when it has been torn down.

Alcatel-Lucent from IdeaRocket on Vimeo.

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