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Marketing With Vine: Six Tips For Six Second Videos

David 05.20.2013

As you’re probably well aware, Vine is a new mobile application that enables user generated 6-second video content that can be instantly shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

We previously took a look at a few great examples of the format here, through a contest held by this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Marketers have also sought to utilize the creative potential of this app to communicate their brands through video. While the benefit of the format is that an effective and eye-catching video can be put together quickly, even in a number of seconds, it should be said that Vine-based marketing can definitely benefit from a well thought out approach.

Here are 6 tips that we recommend.

1. Tell a story.
Funny how six seconds can be plenty of time to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. A quick narrative can instantly draw people in, and engage them.


Keep it simple. Easy there, Coppola. Let me reiterate: Keep. It. Simple. You aren’t creating a complex multi-layered masterpiece to communicate your brand. The best uses of Vine take a simple concept and execute it. That’s it.

3. Make use of audio as well as visual.
While much has been said of the visuals of Vine, don’t forget about audio either. You have six seconds of audio space to also communicate your brand, so use it well.

4. Use existing content. Want an easy way to share video content on Vine? Look into video already at the ready. Sharing a six second teaser of already existing content can be a great way of generating enough interest to get a viewer to link to the full-length video.

5. Promote.
The Vine video format lends itself well to quick, attention grabbing, content which is poised to go viral. Try saying something new about your brand to your audience.

6. Have fun! Be creative, and have fun! Or at least make your video look like you’re having fun. The potential is open ended. Enjoy yourself and try something new!

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