Animated Video Production

Principles of Animation: Multiplaning

David 05.06.2013

Multiplaning is a technique of creating different layers of movement at different depths within an animated scene. Its use creates an effect of movement and dimensionality.

In the scene below from our video for ViewBoost, the camera is fixed to the car, and the background is moving past us as we travel. With multiplaning, an object in the foreground moves more quickly than an object in the background, creating a sense of speed. The example below is a good demonstration of this. There are three moving layers: the grass by the side of the road, which moves very quickly, the hills, which move slower, and the clouds, which move slower still.


The second example, from a TV spot we produced for Canadian cable provider Eastlink, is different in that the camera is moving in through the scene, rather than travelling laterally. Still, the same principles apply. The closer the snowflake is to the camera, the quicker it scales up and the quicker it falls. The farthest layer, the trees, moves the slowest. The result is a dynamic scene, with a pleasing depth.


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