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What To Take Away From The Mobile Video Boom

David 05.13.2013

It’s no secret that mobile is the big wave right now. In fact, mobile devices are on track to outnumber people on our planet by the end of this year. In conjunction with this trend, massive growth in mobile video is also on the horizon, due to higher resolution video screens, stronger processors, and growing access to faster 4G LTE networks.


Mobile video is growing fast.

The Cisco Visual Networking Index estimates that in 2012, video accounted for about 50% of all mobile traffic, and this number should continue to grow significantly, hitting an estimated 66.5% by 2017.

mobile video1

The number of mobile video consumers grew too. While total online video viewers grew by a pretty good margin of 5.6%, it was watching video on mobile devices that gained the most ground, up nearly 20% from a year ago.

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What does this mean for online video marketing?

Video content is an ideal way to market in the new mobile ecosystem. Why? Video is exciting, immersive, and totally shareable. Not to mention that it vastly increases conversions, and the majority of marketers say that video provides the best ROI. As it has been estimated that the average mobile user has their device within reach for an average of 14 hours a day, the impetus for exploring new angles in video marketing is expanding.

  • Mobile ad spending is booming. Last year alone, ad spending for mobile video grew 27%, and the overall number of ads inserted into video (such as pre, mid, & post roll ads) increased by 68%.[5]
  • Viewing Trends are Changing. When using a tablet, users tend to watch lengthier videos, such as movies or TV shows. Where as on a mobile phone, users tend to favor more user-generated content. Tablet users have been found to consume video in patterns more similar to traditional TV audiences, and viewing is often shared within a family.[6]
  • Conversion Rates are on the Rise. Many speculate that this is due to the touchable interface, which gives consumers a more active role in their own purchases, in a way that feels game-like. Plus, the ease of “click-through” access allows more opportunity for impulse sign-ups, and purchasing behavior.

 mobile video3(Source:

  • Social Engagement is an Advantage. As most mobile platforms today have been designed with social media networks in mind, sharing video content among friends and peers has never been easier. It’s been found that people are much more likely to complete a video they started watching when it has been referred through a friend via a social network.




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