Animated Video Production

Principles of Animation: Exaggeration

David 05.22.2013

If you add to the truth, you subtract from it, says the Talmud. Well, we hate to differ with a great book, but sometimes more is more. In animation, exaggeration presents a character’s features and actions in an extreme form that enhances the animated scene. This can include distortions in facial features, body types, and expressions, but also the character’s movement. Exaggeration is a great way for an animator to generate the appeal of a character, and to heighten the drama of the scene.

Take a look at an example below from an explainer we did for LeadID. The villain on the left is trying to peddle fake leads to the buyer in the middle, who is now empowered by LeadID’s lead verification system. It is all for nought, and the villain literally gets the hook. As in the classic Warner Brothers cartoons where Wile E Coyote falls off the cliff, the villain doesn’t move out of frame… he disappears from one frame to the next and is replaced by a cloud puff.



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