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Are You Promoting Your Video Wrong?

David 05.29.2013

While it’s been proven that video can increases online visibility, conversion rates, and increased brand favorability, it’s often not enough to slap a video on your site and hope for the best.  With millions of videos uploaded daily there’s risk that yours can get lost if it’s not launched properly. Here are a few of common mistakes that companies make when showcasing their videos.

Lack of Distribution – YouTube is a great place to start, but don’t forget to load your videos onto other video sharing websites like Vimeo and Dailymotion. Also, don’t forget channels like email, sales presentations, and events.

Or, try reaching out to video producer marketplace directories such as 50 Grove.

Poor Website Placement – When visitors see the magical horizontal triangle beacon, they know they get to tune out, be entertained, and hopefully learn something new.  Thus, the “play” symbol serves as an incredible draw, one that’s known to highly reduce bounce rates. Embed your video prominently in an unobstructed way.  Don’t destroy its seductive power by convoluting it with too many competing graphics and text, or putting it in a backwater of your website.

Unless you’re dealing with instructional material, videos are best used to bring new visitors into your tent, not to offer entertainment to those already enthused by your product.  With this in mind, it’s best not to feature video on obscure product feature pages, or other informational areas that your audience tends to explore after they’re thoroughly interested.

Misleading Thumbnail / Title – Keep it simple. Make sure that your audience has a clear idea of what the video is. The thumbnail for the video link should be eye-catching and represent the video as best as possible. Viewers have a microscopic attention span, so you risk losing their interest if their immediate expectations are not met.

No Call To Action – Many videos may include their call-to-action within their video. If this is NOT the case, don’t miss out on an opportunity to prolong your viewers’ interest. One solution is to use a video overlay annotation feature like the one offered by YouTube.  At the very least, make sure there are readily available click-through links to your website, social media channels, and newsletter sign up form wherever your video lives.

Overestimating your reach. A hundred million bajillion views sure sounds great, but is your video creating active engagement? Metrics such as time watched, playthrough rate, likes, favorites, social sharing, and viewer comments are also important in gauging the reach of your video. Take the time to track and analyze your video.

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