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10 Animated Holiday Commercials You’ll Love

Rob 12.16.2013

The Holiday Season is upon us once again and with it the inevitable barrage of terrible holiday commercials. Let’s be honest, most ads around this time of year are so sappy they’ll make your stomach turn worse than a gallon of warm eggnog, but alas, there are some bright spots. Here are are some of our all-time favorite animated holiday ads. They’re smart, funny and capture the true meaning of Christmas: buying stuff.

Polar Bears (Coca-Cola):

They’re so adorable it’s enraging, but the classic Coca-Cola Polar Bears took cute to a whole new level in this spot.

Santa (M&Ms):

Everyone’s two favorite hard candies meet face to face with a certain jolly fat man.

Bells (Hershey’s Kisses):

I’m not sure when this commercial was made but you won’t need the widescreen feature on your HDTV to watch it. It’s still great though.

Snowmen (Oreo):

Three words: Oreo. Cookie. Balls.

The Bear and the Hare (John Lewis):

Just an incredibly beautiful and emotional spot for John Lewis Retailers in the UK. Is someone cutting onions in here?

Gingerbread Man (Morrisons):

Singing gingerbread man? Check. Friendly woodland creatures setting the dinner table? Check. We’ve got advertising magic.

Snowman (Campbell’s):

A classic spot that shows how soup can really bring you back to life on a cold winter day.

Toys (Barclaycard):

Cheeky toys and a whoopee cushion landing pad make this spot an instant favorite.

Reindeer (Vodaphone):

Simply amazing animation in this vibrant spot for Vodaphone.

Money Land (New Jersey State Lottery):

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln go sledding together. Need we say more?

So that rounds out our favorite animated holiday commercials. Did we miss any? The holidays are a great time of year to sit back and reflect on the many ads of the season. Spending time with friends and loved ones is pretty good, too. Happy Holidays from all the gang at IdeaRocket.

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