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The Hidden Cost: DIY Explainer Videos

Shawn 02.20.2014

“Good” explainer videos routinely cost more than $10,000.

DIY Explainer Video - Case Study

It’s an intimidating price tag for small businesses and corporations alike, and cheaper options are attractive. But this isn’t a chili-dog deal from Groupon – this is your business. And when you DIY an explainer video, you get what you pay for.

You can create your own explainer video for less than $1,000.


It’s cheaper sure, but begs the question, “What does it really cost?”


The above pdf link is an opportunity cost breakdown and case study for Crowd Content – a site that claims they made their explainer video for $650. Click the pdf for the full case study.


Here is the video in question:


It’s true. A lot of sites and services offer cutthroat rates and speedy turnaround times and you can make a video for less than $1,000. What I’d like to discuss are the hundreds – possibly thousands – of dollars of hidden opportunity costs and wasted time that inevitably mount during every DIY explainer video project.

Hopefully when you reach the end of this PDF, that $10,000 price tag will make a little more sense.


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    Many freelance animators work for companies like Idearocket, so they know what needs to be done to deliver a professional job. They just charge less to put some money in their pockets (without compromising on quality)

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