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Steal This Script: Free Template

Shawn 03.04.2014

Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD of an A/V Script Template:

free Audio/Visual script template

The Script Comes First

Writing a script is the first step toward producing a great video.

It’s tempting to focus on the visuals and different video styles – like 2D character animation, 3D CGI, RSA-style whiteboard – but none of that matters if you don’t have a clear message.

Writing is Scary

Staring at a blank page sucks. Trying to cram the awesomeness of your product or service into a 60 second story complete with images and animation is worse. Don’t worry – we get it. So we’ve taken some of the work out of it by giving you a simple, user-friendly script template to get the ball rolling.

Don’t try to write the “perfect script” right out of the gate – because you can’t. Just open the template, bang the keys, and keep an eye out for solid images or better yet – strong story-lines and metaphors that suit and explain your product.

It’s OK to be Cliché

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Commonplace images like a light bulb are common for a reason – they communicate well. Your first draft is a tool to get you to your final, amazing, original video. Be bad at it – I promise if you try to skip the awkward phase the final video will suffer.

Talk it Out

Use full sentences. Make up silly adverbs that don’t exist like “shimmeringly” (you can look up better words later). Flesh out every detail you can think of. Don’t edit, just type. You’ll be surprised with what you end up with.

Script Template EXAMPLE


Script writing is the fun part. So get to it!

If you get stuck, take a peek at the first page I typed up for this example script. First drafts are supposed to be a little off, so don’t sweat the details.



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