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Explainer Video Upgrade: Motorola X

Shawn 03.31.2014

I love technology – especially the “way out there” stuff – and I’m not alone. DIY drones, 3D printing, and wearable technology, like the Fitbit, are becoming part of everyday life.
While it’s an exciting time for innovation, a lot of tech can be overwhelming if you’re not informed.

So, like me, millions turn to animated explainer videos for simple visual explanations to complicated “tech” stuff. One particular gadget that we all use – but may not completely understand – is the next generation of smartphones.

So with that in mind, I’m delighted to share my ten favorite animated explainer videos from a company that is not only making amazing phones, but also great videos that explain them – Motorola:

Motorola Phone Case Color Wheel


Note: This is in no way a paid endorsement of Motorola. They just have awesome videos. You’ll see.



“Meet Moto G”  (2,416,672 views)


We start with a product launch/feature rich with 3D animation and motion graphics. It’s beautiful, exciting, and makes me want to buy the phone. While it is more of an ad than an explainer, this use of graphics is just too cool to leave off the Moto list.

Moto X Touchless Control  (288,263 views)

This is a great explainer video. The voice control features integrate so well with the voiceover for the animation that you forget you’re watching a product demo. The stripped down motion-graphic background and steady pacing of simulated screenshots work – I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of both in future videos.

Moto X — Quickcapture Camerabw  (144,692 views)

This might be my favorite explainer. The combination of screen capture, live action, and animation to illustrate the user experience for such a helpful new feature is an irresistible package. This explainer makes me want to stop playing snake and ditch my flip phone.

Motorola Whisper  (30,792 views)

Our account managers are constantly on the phone, and usually that requires a hands-free headset. The use of clean sleek-motion graphics highlights this slightly geeky, but totally necessary accessory for people on the phone all day. This video points out a few new features that our team would drool over, including killer audio, new sound dampening features to hone in on the right sound, and the ability to roam up to 300 ft. from your device.

Motorola Buds – Go Easy on Your Ears  (53,200 views)

Along the same lines, the rest of us animators and writers tend to work plugged into our computers most of the time – editing this or syncing up that – and I have to say this is a great product feature video that takes the time to highlight each element going into the earbud design. We see the soft earbuds, the premium HD audio, and the most exciting feature: the ability to move 150 ft. away from your device and still listen remotely. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Moto 360: It’s Time:  (1,702,041 views)

I love the narrative behind how a design goes from concept to completion, and the Moto 360 smartwatch is a captivating story. The round edges, and almost “techless” look are innovations that Roman Mars from 99% Invisible would call “good design,” and while they may seem simple – just like a standard watch – that’s part of what makes this design so remarkable.

The seamless product we don’t notice is the most interesting, and usually the most thoughtful. Kind of like the opposite of Google Glass…

Motorola Active Display  (371,814 views)

This feature is fantastic, and the now-familiar motion graphics and 3D-user experience are a reminder that maybe the most important advancement to your smartphone is its ability to tell you when not to use it.

Motorola Sliver II  (34,215 views)

I’m not a huge fan of mobile headsets, but this video does a bit to illustrate the pros of the genre. Simple and effective.

Motorola Migrate  (189,697 views)

The sleek 3D screen capture is the perfect way to demonstrate this helpful feature, which many users now expect in a modern smartphone.

Finally, I leave you with this 15-second gem, because the best videos are often the simplest.

How to Change Shells – Moto G  (20,222 views)


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