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Video Production – 29 Ways You Can Stay Creative

Shawn 04.03.2014

Creating something new, is a pain, even for creative rock stars. That goes double for labor intensive projects like video production. Animated video especially involves so many steps – concept, script, storyboard, animatics, animation, edits, voiceover, etc. – that it can bog you down when you start a new project. So here’s some inspiration.

Picasso produced 13,500 paintings, 2,500 original prints, 1,000 ceramics, and 700 sculptures during his lifetime, and Isaac Asimov penned over 500 books – including my favorite short story of all time – “The Last Question” – but you don’t even have to go that far to find prolific creators. Seth Godin updates his blog on the weekend!

But those guys are exceptions to the rule, right? Only geniuses and workaholics have the output to make great creative stuff every day, and none of them make videos. What about us normal people?

You can make great video everyday – you just need a system.

This great motion graphic animation shows you 29 Small Ways to Stay Creative, and I have to say – while some of the steps seem obvious, that’s just how creativity works.

Side note: Numbers 7, 8, 17, and 29 are personal favorites of mine.

There’s nothing secret or magical about the creative process – even for the greats. Every great creator builds an environment where work can happen, then commits to filling that space with work. Problem solved.

Efficient Video Production StudioCasey Neistat is one of my favorite video producers. He makes great stuff and doesn’t let an obstacle stop him. His videos are inspirational, but what’s even more impressive is his philosophy guiding video production. His studio is always ready – poised – to create. Do yourself a favor and watch this video by Gizmodo about his hyper-efficient studio on Broadway in New York City. If you don’t get amped, maybe you should find a new career…

“Creativity” is waiting for you just around the corner – it just looks like hard work to beginners. Get started today, and don’t worry about Franz Joseph Haydn – that guy was ridiculous.

…but if you are looking to procrastinate work for just a few more minutes, enjoy the best short story ever written: Isaac Asimov’s “The Last Question.”


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