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“What’s Your Hook?” A Video Marketing Guide

Shawn 05.06.2014

What’s your hook? How are you different? What makes you better than “them?” And most importantly – how can you help me?

It’s important to develop your hook because your video marketing strategyIS your hook. If you can’t captivate the right prospects, nothing else matters. A simple way to find your hook is to ask, what sets us apart?

  • Are you an industry leader?
  • Do you have the lowest prices?
  • Is your approach or proprietary technology revolutionary?
  • Have you collected and calculated mountains of compelling data?
  • Is your turnaround time lightning fast?


Solutions. Not Companies.

10 out of 10 infographic

People don’t want to hire companies – companies suck. “Companies” cost money, waste time and energy with red tape, and don’t deliver results. No, people want answers to problems. That’s it. Video cuts through the jargon and gets to solution, so that’s where your hook needs to be.

Superfish Hook LogoWhen Chris Reygel and Jessica Gordon founded brand development and design firm Superfish the first thing they did was identify their hook, and how to display it. That simple decision swelled into their firm’s identity, and influenced their entire branding strategy – literally.

However, their logo is more than just a clever design – their mission is to design “hooks” for other companies that have a problem – lack of brand identity. The awareness of the problem they’re solving – poor branding – is what makes their hook so compelling. Superfish hooked you with their…well…hook, and they can do the same thing for your business. Marketing mission accomplished.

Not all examples are this cut and dry, and not every business need be this concerned with branding, but the point remains – you can’t move forward with a video marketing strategy unless you know what sets you apart in your industry.

Types of Video Hooks

Explainer videos are a great hook for companies that provide tangible value in their niche. Copenhagen Wheel’s explainer video for example, launched their product to over 3 million viewers. This type of video hook – explainers – have been a staple of the tech and IT sectors for years, simply because it works.

The RSA whiteboard video series practically invented this hook by bringing their extensive knowledge to bear through the use of longform explainer animation to captivate audiences with complex lectures. While it’s nowhere near as flashy as other animation styles, it’s effective because the RSA understands their hook – comprehensive explanations – is what sets them apart from their competitors.

2D character animation and motion graphics are useful tools to highlight your hook especially for B2C brands with exciting new software or projects that rely on social shares, like Venmo. Their hook – ease of use and social utility – come through in their fun, comic book style video. The hook determines the medium.

What’s Your Hook?

Regardless of your market or industry, video is an undeniably powerful hook for your marketing strategy. Broadcast quality animation with your message in mind is our hook. What’s yours?


Born in Southern California, Shawn grew up surfing, eating In-N-Out, and growing his hair long. After graduating with a Liberal Arts degree from CSU Long Beach in 2005 he left the crowded freeways behind and spent the better part of a decade traveling the world living for stretches in Rome, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and Brooklyn. He writes novels as well as copy, loves learning keyboard shortcuts, and plays his grandpa’s old lap steel guitar. You can hear his band at

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