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Why I Didn’t Watch Your Video: It’s Way Too Long

Shawn 08.04.2014

Length matters. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Thankfully, when it comes to animated video production, shorter is better.

Wistia studied millions of videos and found that the optimal length for a business video is 60 – 90 seconds.

animated video production video length

Relax. You can still make a longer animated video. If it’s good.

The same study shows that engagement rates for 4-5 min videos is roughly the same as 5-10 min business videos. It’s all about pinpointing your audience and clearly defining your animated video’s objective.

“50% more people will complete a one-minute video versus a two-minute video.”

animated video production video length

The Elevator Pitch

Answer this one question and you’ll know how long to make your video:

Am I selling something?

If the answer is “Yes” – Make it as short as possible.

If the answer is “No” – Make it as short as possible.

Don’t quibble between selling a product or service – if you’re pitching, you’re selling. So embrace it. Your animated video has to entice users immediately and communicate rapidly, or you won’t move them further down the sales funnel.

And animated video production isn’t just for the top of the sales funnel – awareness. It goes all the way down to the purchase.

The Video Sales Funnel

animated video production video sales funnel

Rand Fishkin at Moz, prefers to have at least eight interactions with a prospect before they become a customer. And he designed his sales funnel for this type of circular interaction by creating helpful, compelling, well-produced weekly whiteboard animation videos.

Focus on One Thing

The biggest mistake with long videos is trying to do too many things. One video can’t possibly explain everything, highlight selling points, showcase your company culture, teach, entertain, and respond to competitors.

Trying to do so will only dilute your video production schedule and finished product. Plus, no one will watch it. Don’t believe me? I dare you to sit through this:

Instead, segment your Frankenstein video production into smaller monsters (preferably around 60-seconds long) and tackle each element you want to discuss individually. Chris Savage, CEO and co-founder of Wistia asks:

“Why make one video, when you can make five?”

People appreciate straight-forward answers, and they’re much more likely to consume half a dozen 60-second videos than one 15-minute juggernaut – even if that longer video is more informative.

I panic when I see a video run time over twenty minutes.

Yoav Hornung, founder and CEO of video marketplace, said:

“One of the goals of a tutorial is not to only to show how it works, but to show how simple it is. and today’s world, Simplicity means less time. Don’t try to show all the features, just highlight the cool ones and make it look simple.”

The Final Cut

When kept short, animated video production is a powerful sales tool. But regardless of how you use it, keep it short and on point, and you’ll keep people watching.

Contact us to see how we can explain your video in sixty seconds or less!


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