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Staff Spotlight: Welcome to New York, Denise. It’s Been Waiting For You.

Denise McArthur 01.12.2015

T-Swift isn’t the only country gal to recently make New York City her new home: Denise McArthur, IdeaRocket’s newest account manager, made the move from Oklahoma to join the hustle, bustle, and bewilderment of America’s biggest metropolis. We sat down with Denise to learn more about her role, personality, and experience in NYC.

Greg Lewis: How do like working in New York so far? First impressions?

Denise McArthur: It’s been amazing, exciting, a little scary, and very different. Growing up in Oklahoma and going to school at Mizzou and OSU, I drove everywhere—the grocery store, the mall—there wasn’t any major public transportation.

When I moved out here, I sold my car—a ballsy move (laughs). I actually live in New Jersey now and commute into Manhattan every morning.

GL: How’s that been?

DM: A little overwhelming at first, but it’s great now. My first time coming into Penn Station, I was completely and utterly lost. I’ve learned that 50% of people there have no idea where they’re supposed to go, while the other 50% has got it down to a science—you’ll see people making a beeline for their destination, weaving through crowds of confused tourists standing around.

My son is three years old—when he visited Penn Station he thought the train I take everyday was a spaceship. He still does (laughs).

GL: Have you had any culture shocks with the notorious New Yorker attitude?

DM: Really just the little things. People always tell me I have a funny accent—I’m like, “no, y’all are the ones with the weird accent!” (laughs). I guess they aren’t used to Southern people. But really New Yorkers haven’t lived up that stereotype—everyone’s so nice and easy to talk to if you approach them first.

I once got stuck holding the door open for like five minutes—I was raised to always do that, but people just kept coming (laughs). I think they thought I was the doorman. Another time I was trying to order a soft drink, I guess I kept calling it a “pop,” and the waitress thought I was having a stroke or something, she had no idea what I meant.

GL: What’s your favorite thing about working in New York City?

DM: It’s just so alive. We work right across from the Empire State Building—anytime I look out the window or walk onto the street, there could be a parade, a protest, anything. People seem immune to it, but it still amazes me.

GL: What’s your role at IdeaRocket, and what do you do on a day-to-day basis? 

DM: As an account manager, my main role is to be the liaison between the client and our creative team. I maintain constant contact with both of them, making sure everyone’s aligned on timelines, expectations, contracts, proposals, and invoices. I worked at an advertising agency in Oklahoma for three years before coming here, so I’m really comfortable working across teams and making that instant connection with clients.

GL: What do you enjoy most about working at IdeaRocket?

DM: Our clients are awesome. Lots of them are Kickstarters or really great, innovative ideas. But I’d say my favorite part is seeing how our team takes their brand, their story, and really brings it to life in so many creative ways. The creative team is incredibly talented—they put my Pinterest board to shame (laughs). Seeing Will weave a fun, quirky, unique story that really resonates in a new way—watching that all come together is definitely my favorite part.

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