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Denise McArthur 03.03.2015

Demonstrating Your Company Values via Animated Videos

You tell anyone and everyone about what makes your company great—as well you should. Extolling your team’s virtues, exalting their work ethic and service, singing their praises to the mountaintops. You tell the world—but do you tell your team? If you’re not attentive in tending to your organization’s values, employees won’t buy in and soon you’ll find your company’s core is a hollow husk.

The best companies don’t simply project to the vast populations of potential customers—they look inward as well, cultivating an internal identity, attitude, and ethos. Therein lies the value of a values animated video.

Engaging Employees

For many workers, a job is just that: a job. A means to an end, not a project to be proud of. In fact, a recent Gallup poll shows that only 13% of employees feel engaged in their work, and only 42% know their organization’s vision, mission, and values.

This isn’t just about good vibes either: engaged employees are over 20% more productive, leave less often, and make fewer mistakes. A values video helps instill a sense of purpose that almost all of us crave in the workplace. Give your employees the chance to be part of something meaningful and they’ll jump at the opportunity.

Whether you’re looking to reinforce existing values or you need to communicate a recent policy and branding shift across your organization, animations can be a critical step in conveying your principles, engaging employees, and helping them understand their role in something bigger than themselves.

An Emotional Appeal

But why an animated video? Why not a live-action talking head video or a PowerPoint presentation? Those approaches may well be appropriate, but more often than not, they simply don’t stick.

Values videos are less about cold facts and more about emotions: feelings of community, respect, and pride. Animations immediately grab the viewers’ attention and enjoy the artistic license to boil down big ideas into evocative visual metaphors.

Which would you be more likely to remember: two awkward actors shakily shaking hands after holding the elevator door open for another employee, or a team working together literally as a well-oiled machine, complete with Technicolor gears and fanciful thought bubbles?

As with training videos, a values animation doesn’t need to be the totality of your communication—we’d encourage you to supplement the video with in-person discussions—but it provides a potent emotional foothold. These animations are particularly useful across large organizations, where a concise, cohesive mission can be hard to find. Explaining abstract values isn’t always easy; giving your employees a bright, engaging, and entertaining demonstration of those values ensures that they’re internalized and retained.

No company wants to talk a big game to prospects about integrity, authenticity, and values, only to look inward at employees and find that there is no there there. Communicating your values is one of the best ways to engage your team, and animations are perhaps the best way to convey them.


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