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The Friday Round-Up

Blake Harris 06.05.2015

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a look at some fun things that you might have missed:



Tuesday: TEDDY BEAR TUESDAYS (an intro)

Wednesday: IN THE NEWS…a dinosaur and a hedgehog

Thursday: SHORT BUT SWEET: The Growing Influence of Vine

an image from the upcoming Netflix series "Puffin Rock"

an image from upcoming “Puffin Rock”

Animation News:

Netflix announces 4 new animated series (via AWN)

Disney announces an animated series based on their film Tangled (via Disney Blog)

A Walt Disney documentary is in the works (via Variety)

Kung Fury

Kung Fury fever!


A good ol’ fashioned Kung Fu movie takes over the Internet (via Entertainment Weekly)

The Entourage movie will completely destroy your childhood image of Haley Joel Osment (via Business Insider)

Maybe The Matrix Ruined Science Fiction Movies (via io9)

Famous Light Sabers from Mashable's excellent story on the notorious weapon...

Famous Light Sabers from Mashable’s story on the notorious weapon…


The History, Construction and Lore Behind the Lightsaber (via Mashable)

Millenials Are Destroying Banks, And It’s The Bank’s Fault (via TechCrunch)

The 9 Biggest Games We’ll See at E3 2015 (via The Verge)


Outsider Artist: Understanding the Beauty of Steph Curry’s Jumper (via Grantland) 

Someone on the Denver Broncos has, uh…a problem with gas (via Bleacher Report) 

The Most Cursed Sports Cities in America (via The New York Times) 

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