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An Explainer for outside The Office

Blake Harris 06.08.2015

Oftentimes, explainer videos are used for corporate purposes–either to alert employees or inform consumers–but in California, which is in the midst of a horrendous drought, the state has turned to an animated explainer (voiced by The Office‘s Steve Carell) to help get out the message…

The awareness campaign is called “Save the Drop,” and was first launched across digital, print and social media platforms back in April by Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti in conjunction with Omelet (a Culver City creative services firm).


Now, with some star power, the campaign is progressing to television and radio PSA’s guided by the voices of Steve Carell and Jane The Virgin‘s Jaime Camil (who narrates a Spanish-language version posted below). These messages from Carell and Camil are  beautifully brought to life by the musical scoring of singer/song-writer Moby and the design work of We Are Royale.

Time will tell if LA’s Save the Drop campaign proves to be successful, and can ultimately help achieve the Mayor’s Executive Directive calling for a 20% reduction in water usage by 2017. But in the meantime, it’s worth taking a moment to admire the great creative work done here, think about the seriousness of Los Angeles’ current situation, and consider the potential of an inspirational explainer video for things outside of everyday business…

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