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The Friday Round-Up

Blake Harris 06.12.2015

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a look at some fun things that you might have missed:


Monday: An Explainer for Outside The Office (Can animation help LA’s Water Problem?)

Tuesday: Teddy Bear Tuesdays: The History of Corduroy

Wednesday: Q&A with Tony Pasquale (voice-over artist extraordinaire)

Thursday: Running a Fake Business? Here’s how an Explainer Can Help!

Evolution - Humans + Disney = Zootopia

Evolution – Humans + Disney = Zootopia (coming March 2016)

Animation News:

Disney Releases first Teaser for their Jason-Bateman-voiced Zootopia (via Cartoon Brew)

The Powerpuff Girls are Back…but not the Powerpuff Voices (via AWN)

D’oh! Marge and Home Simpson will call it quits (via Washington Post)

Will Jurassic World capture that old Park magic?

Will Jurassic World capture that old Park magic?


How Steven Spielberg Helped Saved Jurassic World (via Film School Rejects)

Jerry Seinfeld: Political Correctness is Killing Colleges (via Entertainment Weekly)

This Shocking Game of Thrones Theory Could Change Everything (via Zimbio)

Has Oculus finally cracked the VR code?

Has Oculus finally cracked the VR code?


How Oculus Plans to Fix One of VR’s Biggest Problems (via WIRED)

Robots are coming for your job…but first they need help opening the door (via The Verge)

Twitter’s Dick Costolo to step down as CEO in yet another shake-up (via Reuters)

Is this a clue for Stewart's post-DS plans?

Is this a clue for Jon Stewart’s post-Daily Show plans?


NBA star Lebron James takes everything to the Next Level. Even “Nip Slips” (via US Magazine)

An interesting rumor about Bill Simmons and Jon Stewart (via Gawker)

10 best Baseball sites to visit outside the ballpark (via USA Today)

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