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William Gadea 12.24.2007

While I’ve been busy with a motion graphics job that’s due in early January, I did have a chance this month to meet with some people and talk about plans for next year.

Speed Racer is coming to town! Animation Collective is extending the Japanese franchise with a NYC-produced flash/3D hybrid series. I had a chance to speak with Kostya Gorbachev and Amy Ackerman about possibly helping them with a crunch in their CG department. I’m not sure whether our schedules will mesh, but it was nice going down to 37th Street and catching up with some old friends there.

This last week I also met with Megan O’Neill from AtomFilms. I’m hoping we can work together on a short I’ve been raring to make which I’ll call the Sid Cyborg project. We talked a little bit about Atom’s plans to become Comedy Central’s shorts hub on the web. It’s a good time to be a maker of film shorts! (Well… a better time, at least.)

Finally, I had lunch with Xeth Feinberg and we talked about his Papu series. Here’s a holiday-themed (sorta) toon from Xeth that had me laughing all the way through:


Merry Xmas and best wishes for the New Year!

William Gadea

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