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Beyond Compare Innovations 3D Demo

William Gadea 08.04.2009

Leo Vainshtein from Beyond Compare Innovations called me up about a month ago wanting a 3D demo for his new hardware product, but he wanted it warmed up with a little flash character animation. His site has a bit of a retro feel, so we decided to follow up on that.

Perhaps because Ed McMahon had just passed away, it occurred to me that an old Tonight Show-style intro might be in keeping with the retro theme. I had also just seen this very funny rant on Vimeo about fifties-era signage, so I looked up a lot of reference and came up with a style frame for the opening:

Leo already had a (patchy) character design that he wanted to build on. The incomparable Natalie Butler took it and cleaned it up nicely, again taking care to view period reference. You can see the before and after designs here:

I did the 3D animation and Natalie did the flash animation. C.L. Andrews and Brian Roberts provided the voices. Thanks everyone!

William Gadea

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  • Will,

    Without your help, it would have never been what it has ended up to be! Thanks for everything.


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