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Boounce Animated Explainer Video

William Gadea 02.03.2011

Here’s an animated explainer video we created last year for search engine add-on: Boounce. Boounce creates a plug-in for browsers that makes searching easier. Watch the video and see what Boounce can do for you.

We used motion graphics incorporating licensed photo material. Even though we didn’t have an animated character, we still managed to describe the product with a story: in this case, the experience of buying a new puppy.

When the client was explaining the product to me, he used the example of a search for a dog breed. I jumped on the idea. Being the sort of techie early-adopter that this piece is aimed at, I knew that the excitement of having a new software tool to play with is kind of like getting a new puppy.

John Guidry was the voice-over, and his voice blended nicely over a Django Reinhardt-style jazz lick. It was a fun job. Thanks to the people at Boounce for entrusting us with it.

William Gadea

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