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9 Video SEO Tips: How to Get More Views

William Gadea 02.15.2011

So you’ve made a great animated explainer video for your business. What can you do to get more views for it, other than just dropping it on your home page? Here’s our 9-Step Video Marketing Guide, including more advanced video SEO techniques. Enjoy!

1. Get mobile. Do you have your video on your laptop, tablet or smartphone? If not, get it on there. Showing a video is a great way to begin a conversation about your company.

2. E-Mail it. Do you maintain an e-mail list through services like Constant Contact or MailChimp? You can’t send the video itself, but you can send a thumbnail with a link back.

3. Sponsor your explainer video. By sponsoring your video on YouTube, you can appear beside the organic results for the keywords you choose. You also have the option of creating a free call-to-action overlay with a link back to your site.

Here’s how you can make your video easier to find by search engines:

4. Describe well. Make sure your title, description and tags are descriptive and accurate. Use the YouTube keyword tool to discover the most popular search terms, and blend these keywords into your text.

5. Include captions. Both YouTube and Google index YouTube captions, so make sure you’ve uploaded a captions file along with your video.

6. Transcribe the script. Google is getting better at natural speech, but why make those bots work to find your video? Include a full transcription of your script and enjoy immediate SEO benefits today, not 18 months in the future.

7. Consider embedding. Although there are many excellent reasons to host videos yourself, consider using a YouTube embed. Why? The views from your site will be added to the YouTube total, giving it greater credibility. Also, YouTube-embedded videos may be more likely to be included in Google universal results.

8. Add Metadata. You can use a software program such as Adobe Bridge to add metadata to your video files, making them easier for bots to read.

9. Make a video sitemap. The single thing that will most improve your video SEO is probably submitting a video sitemap to Google. It’s not complicated, but it does involve some encoding, so put this on your developer’s to-do list.

William Gadea

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