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Apple TV: Even the Box is Pretty

William Gadea 03.29.2011

I recently bought two products: a widescreen TV and an Apple TV set-side box.

The widescreen TV was packaged the usual way: styrofoam corners, sticky plastic cover-alls, cheaply printed manuals. The Apple TV was designed to make you say “wow!” as you opened it.

It had a black plastic ribbon around the side of the whole box: it couldn’t have had much practical value (if any) but it gave the appliance a clean, more iconic profile, and it gave you the experience of turning the product slowly as you unveiled it for yourself. And the cord! It wasn’t tied carelessly together; they spun it into a tight Mandala-like spiral. It occurred to me then; these people aren’t just going for pretty. They are going for the experience of the numinous.

They are going for the God-box.

Would it take too much effort and design savvy for the TV people to do something similar? Possibly, but they didn’t even try. So much of creating a great brand is just setting your sights higher.

William Gadea

William Gadea is the Creative Director and Founder of IdeaRocket.

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