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William Gadea 06.28.2011

It’s been a busy spring for us here at IdeaRocket, and those of you who follow us closely have probably been seeing the new work posted on our portfolio. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a particularly fun project.

In late May, 2011 the Proscenium Group approached us about producing a web video for their company launch. Proscenium is an events marketing agency in New York City, and they had already completed an entertaining script that traced the history of events (with tongue placed firmly in cheek.) This project was a little bit more ambitious than our usual explainer, but we had half the time we usually set aside for those projects… a little over two weeks. Still, the challenge was irresistible.

The reference for this project was the Red Bull commercials: it’s a predominantly white palette with watercolor-like splotches, and a subtle “squiggle” or boil on the line. Robert Kopecky did a great job on design, and Patrick Tuorto was masterful as usual on animation. Christine Kwon jumped in on the second half of the project, and saved us with some timely background help as well as additional animation. Chuck Santoro, Proscenium’s creative dynamo, was a pleasure to work with and introduced us to Michael Mancini, the talented composer who created the soundtrack. Ashley Huyge, who we had worked with before on a confidential project, provided her lovely voice.

William Gadea

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