Glorious Technicolor!

Blake Harris 07.16.2015

This summer, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has been, and will be, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Technicolor with a variety of exhibitions and screenings. Although Technicolor was first introduced in 1915, the MoMA’s exhibit is focused exclusively on American films made between 1922 and 1955 (the year when movie studios stopped using Technicolor three-strip cameras). This period of time includes famed films like Gone with the Wind, Singin’ in the Rain and The Wizard of Oz, all of which are being presented with rare 35mm dye-transfer prints. But as exciting as all of that sounds, what really caught our attention was finding out that next month—on August 1, to be specific—the museum will begin screening a selection of animated Technicolor classics.

The animated celebration will begin with Academy-Award winning production designer Ralph Eggleston (WALL-E, Inside Out) introducing a diverse roster of films; a program that starts with an eight-minute short, produced by Paramount Pictures in 1938, called Hunky and Spunky. Below is a list we have compiled of the films and programs (i.e. compilations of shorter films) that will be screened for the celebration:

Hunky and Spunky

August 1:

1:30 PM          Fleischer, UPA, and Looney Tunes Technicolor Cartoons (1938-1955)

4:30 PM          Bambi

6:30 PM          The Secrets of Walt Disney’s Movie Magic: A John Canemaker Lecture and screening of Fantasia

August 2:

1:00 PM          Disney Technicolor Cartoons [Program 2]

3:30                 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

6:00                 Melody Time

August 3:

4:30 PM          Disney Technicolor Cartoons [Program 1]

6:30 PM          Melody Time

August 4:

4:30 PM          Bambi

6:30 PM          Fantasia

August 5:

1:30 PM          Fleischer, UPA, and Looney Tunes Technicolor Cartoons (1938-1955)

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