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Adobe Named Current Digital Marketing Leader

Blake Harris 08.03.2015

According to a new report released by Ovum (a global analyst firm), Adobe was determined to be the current leader among digital marketing platforms. Following closely behind Adobe were IBM, Oracle and SalesForce. The report goes on to say that these four powerhouses—along with mid-size players like Marketo, SAS and Teradata—make up 75% of the $5 billion spent annually on digital marketing platforms.

Surely this must be cause for celebration at Adobe, right? Especially in light of the news from this past June that the company’s license-based revenue was down 45% in Q2 (though, in Adobe’s defense, that was related to a strategic objective to focus on a subscription-based model). The author of this report, however, made a statement that tempers a bit of the optimism that Adobe might be feeling.

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“Although Adobe continues to promote and execute well,”said Gerry Brown, a senior analyst at Ovum, “its strong historical strategic positioning and product dominance is slipping. Oracle and Salesforce in particular are exploiting Adobe’s lack of e-commerce and ‘bigger picture’ customer communications vision.

The report goes on to note the following:

  • The digital marketing platform market is a stepping stone into the infinitely larger emerging customer communications market.
  • In product technology, many vendors still lack an integrated e-commerce proposition and have underinvested in social media capabilities.
  • From a pure technology viewpoint there is little to choose between the vendors; differences are more apparent in strategy execution and market impact, where Adobe in particular scores highly.

Tomorrow, we will take a look a closer look at the digital market leaders mentioned above to determine which provider might be best for you…

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