IN THE NEWS: The Intersection of Content Marketing and SEO

Claude Harrington 09.15.2015

Today, on, there’s a great piece by business strategist Brian Sutter about the intersection of content marketing and SEO. In particular, the piece focuses not only on this rapidly growing intersection, but makes the case that it’s becoming more and more important than the content within (and how that is framed) needs to be intersection-worthy.

Sutter begins, in a sense, by deconstructing the buzzwords and making a very clear and cogent point: optimization, ultimately, is best for everyone involved. Meaning that, search engines are there to help visitors find top-quality content and, by the same token, if/when those visitors arrive it’s top-tier content that will persuade them to say. Described in this way, that reality is almost sobering: in the end, good content wins.

As a result, Sutter’s piece then becomes not about sneaky tricks to “job the system,” but about useful tips to better cultivate the traffic that your content deserves.

Content Marketing Tips

Here are a few highlights from his article:

Get the keywords right: Sutter acknowledges that, yes, keywords may not matter as much as once they did, BUT he wisely points out that they still absolutely do matter. Just because it’s no longer as critical doesn’t mean it should be ignored. And that’s a good lesson about many things—not just keywords—that would be valuable for us all to remember. Every little bit counts and, as such, every single bit is an opportunity worth maximizing. Then, to provide some specify, Sutter provides a primer of keyword-influenced derivatives (i.e. long tail keywords)

Use those keywords (and variations of those keywords) once or twice again in the subtitles you use on the page: By describing the value of this from two different perspectives (to both users and search engines), it becomes easy to see the advantage: headlines—whether to people or to computers—draw visitors in. Think of your headline like the title of a movie (and the sub-headings as your subtitle). As with movies, audience goes far beyond the singular properties of a good title, but it can absolutely help. And, perhaps more importantly, it can hurt. So don’t let that happen; make the most of every opportunity (and use quality headlines to create better opportunities!)

Content Marketing with Yoast

The tool that does some SEO for you: Do you find SEO optimization complex and complicated? Good, you should; because it certainly is both of those things. But the reason why it’s complex and complicated is because, as per the thesis above, the goal is to isolate and highlight quality content. And one way to help accomplish that is with a free WordPress plugin called yoast that can assist you with optimization. This tool will help with several of the things mentioned in Sutter’s piece and, even better, by utilizing its feedback will help you internalize what makes for more readable and searchable content. And, at the end of the day, content really is king. So why not give yours the very best crown you can?

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