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The Friday Round-Up (from The Incredibles to a TD-Scoring Donkey Kong)

Claude Harrington 09.18.2015

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a round-up of some things you might have missed:


Monday: PICK OF THE WEEK: Wire Cutters (an animated short)

Tuesday: IN THE NEWS: The Intersection of Content Marketing and SEO 

Wednesday: First Look: The Jungle Book (Live-Action)

Thursday: Paramount Bets Big on Stop-Motion Animation

FROM THE VAULT: 5 Steps to Calculating Your ROI From Animated Videos

“For some things, finding the ROI is easy as pie. But reckoning the ROI for a top-notch animated video, however, is rarely so easy. That’s why we’re pulling together this helpful guide.”


Animation News:

An Update on The Incredibles 2 (via Pixar Planet)

Animated Transformers movie on the way (via Slashfilm)

China’s Culver City Animation Outpost (via TAG BLOG)

Header- MO


HOW DID THIS GET MADE? Maximum Overdrive (via

Steve Rannazzisi TV Ads Pulled Following Lies About 9/11 (via Deadline)

Megan Fox Joining New Girl During Zooey Deschanel’s Maternity Leave (via EW)



Will This Genius Device Kill Headphones (via Tech Insider)

Google to Reportedly Announce 2nd-Generation Chromecast (via TheVerge)

A Guide to Ransomware: A Scary Hack That’s On The Rise (via WIRED)



Super Smash Bros. Inspires NFL TD Celebration (via My Nintendo News)

The House of Basketville: On Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Detective Novel (via Grantland)

Texas High School Students Say Coach Told Them to Tackle Referee (via NY Daily News)

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