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The Friday Round-Up (from Animated Ghostbusters to Scathing Podcasts)

Claude Harrington 10.02.2015

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a round-up of some things you might have missed:


ICYMI: What is Ad-Blocking (and why is it now such a big deal)?

Monday: 5 Uncommon Tips for Your Blog (via Tim Ferriss)

Wednesday: PICK OF THE WEEK: The Hero’s Journey (an explainer of sorts)

Friday: The MAKING OF a campaign: Knicks and Rangers (MSG)

adblock Headers MSG The Hero's journey Tim-Ferriss-4-Hour-Books

FROM THE VAULT: Steal This Script: Free Template

“Writing a script is the first step toward producing a great video. It’s tempting to focus on the visuals and different video styles – like 2D character animation, 3D CGI, RSA-style whiteboard – but none of that matters if you don’t have a clear message…”


Ghostbusters? Ghostbusters!

Animation News:

Is Sony developing an animated Ghostbusters movie?! (via Tracking Board)

In the Midst of Crisis, Animasyros Propels Greek Animation Industry (via Cartoon Brew)

Netflix Announces some New Cartoons (via Deadline)



HOW DID THIS GET MADE?! An Oral History of Masters of the Universe (via /Film)

The 25 Halloween Costumes You Can’t Avoid This Year (via Entertainment Weekly)

On Trevor Noah’s Surprisingly Smooth — and Safe — ‘Daily Show’ Debut (via Grantland)



Twitch Wants to Snatch YouTube’s Audience– Without Sacrificing Its Soul (via The Verge)

The Martian Proves Movies Are Now Better Than Their Books (WIRED)

The Incredible Flying Car We’ve All Been Waiting For (via Tech Insider)



Bill Simmons continues attack on ESPN over Grantland, NBA Countdown (via Sports Illustrated)

David Stern Says ‘Let’s Go All The Way’ With Legalized Sports Betting (via Huffington Post)

What’s Wrong with Andrew Luck? (via Deadspin)

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