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The Friday Round-Up (from Singing Koalas to Video Marketing)

Claude Harrington 11.13.2015

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a round-up of some things you might have missed:


Monday: 7 Tips to Help You Pick the Best Thumbnail for Your Explainer

Tuesday: The Digital Social Contract: A Guide to Video Marketing (Part 1 of 2)

Wednesday: The Digital Social Contract: A Guide to Video Marketing (Part 2 of2)

Thursday: PICK OF THE WEEK: The History of the Treadmill (an explainer video)

ICYMI: 12 Awesome Examples of Whiteboard Animation


FROM THE VAULT: What is Page Authority and How Can I Get Me Some?

“Page Authority is a complicated dance of in-bound link counts and web indexes, but it boils down to one simple factor – Value. Ok…great, but that doesn’t really help me. Alright then, let’s get specific. Another word for “authority” is “popularity.” Popularity is entwined with Page Authority because people like – and remain on – pages with content that’s useful to them. Bounce rate is a factor, so retaining users for more than the traditional 4.5 seconds is crucial.”


Animation News:

Illumination Announces ‘Sing’ With 85 Songs and Matthew McConaughey As A Koala (via Cartoon Brew)

Good Dinosaur Score Breaks Pixar Mold (via Variety)

Here’s Your First Look at Finding Dory (via Pixar Planet)



Wheel of Fortune Contestant Makes Terrible Guesses, Still Wins (via Time)

New Star Wars Trailer Reveals the Return of a Fan Favorite (via Huffington Post)

Master of None star Aziz Ansari Pens Heartfelt Tribute to his Dad (via Wall Street Journal)



Google Just Open Sourced Tensorflow, It’s Artificial Intelligence Engine (via WIRED)

Tech Companies Fueling London’s Crazy Office Building Boom (via Business Insider)

Apple is Shutting Down Beats Music on November 30 (via Forbes)



The Hollywood Reporter to End Rankings for Women in Entertainment Power 100 (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Black Voters Are Way More Optimistic About Tech In Politics (via WIRED)

Video Marketing Tells More of Your Dealership’s Story (via Dealer Marketing Magazine)

“Ultimately, although online video is something the world seemingly can’t get enough of, succeeding at video marketing isn’t as simple as producing just any video, plopping it on your dealership’s website or on YouTube, and then waiting for business to roll in. As with any type of advertising, the cream will always rise to the top in video marketing: The most creative, informative, compelling, and memorable videos are the ones that will get the results.”

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