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7 Thought-Provoking Digital Marketing Stats from the Past Week

Claude Harrington 11.19.2015

Earlier today over on, Jack Simpson culled together 7 Thought-Provoking Digital Marketing Stats from the past week. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from his piece…

1. Punctuation Marks Increase E-mail Open Rates by 9%. According to research from Retention Science into email subject lines, question marks have the biggest impact on opens with a 44% higher rate than exclamation marks.

2. According to a new survey by Adlucent, 32% of Americans began Christmas shopping by the first week of November. Given how the holiday shopping season seems to creep up more and more each year, perhaps this isn’t vastly surprising. What we did, however, find very surprising (and useful) was this: 47% of respondents plan to start their holiday shopping research on search engines vs. 31% on Amazon and 13% in stores. And also this: 49% of respondents plan to do their research on smartphones, with 42% willing to purchase on that device.

3. Facebook Referral Traffic to Its Top 30 Publishers fell 32% This Year. According to a report by Digiday, Facebook’s traffic to its top 30 publishers (i.e. BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post) has crashed tremendously since January.

4. Meanwhile…Facebook Ad Sales Increased by 45% year-on-year. In particular: Mobile revenue accounted for 78% of Facebook’s ad sales (a 66% increase over last year).

5. In 2014, Advertising’s impact on the US economy was enormous, responsible for $5.8 trillion and 20 million jobs. As per a report by HIS Economics and Country Risk, “every dollar of adspend in 2014 resulted in an average of $19 economic output (sales) nationally.” Will this trend continue? According to the report, absolutely. By 2019, they anticipcated that adspending will grow to $7.4 trillion of economic output (and result in 23 million jobs).

6. In the September issue of Elle, the magazine launched a digital program called “Shop Now,”  enabling readers to receive location-based information and discount offers from selected apps. This promotion resulted in about 500,000 in-store visits from Elle readers.

7. As per a recent survey by Onestop Internet, 25% of respondents say receiving a relevant push notification on their smartphone “always” makes them more likely to complete a purchase. 25% may not sound like a lot, but when it comes to a word like “always,” that’s a rather significant figure…

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