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The NYE Round-Up (from Anime to an Animation Service Designed to Trick Kids)

Claude Harrington 12.31.2015

Happy New Year(‘s Eve)! Before making your resolutions and closing the book on 2015, we wanted to post our favorite links of the week…


Monday: What is Moz (and Can It Help Your Business)?

Tuesday: What is SEMrush (and Can It Help Your Business)?

Wednesday: PICK OF THE WEEK: The Looking Planet (3D Animation)

Wednesday: PICKS OF THE WEEK: A Review of Our Favorite Animated Videos from 2015

ICYMI: 4 Ways Your Business Can Use Explainer Videos to Boost Productivity


FROM THE VAULT: How Should I Judge an Animation Studio’s Portfolio?

“If you’re looking for an animation service to make  an explainer or training video, it’s a smart move to shop around. In fact, at IdeaRocket, we actively encourage prospects to check out the competition to see how we stack up…that’s why we equip potential customers with a handy Animation Quality Assessment rubric, detailing six separate metrics by which to judge a studio—and  how to weigh each one appropriately with useful percentages…”


Animation News:

Why Everyone is Using Anime Studio Pro (via Cartoon Brew)

Disney’s Domestic Box Office Reaches $2 Billion for 2015 (via Deadline Hollywood)

How the Year’s Best Animated Film Made Stop-Motion Feel Real (via The Daily Beast)


7 Last-Minute Party Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Celebration (via Today)

George Lucas Explains Why He Didn’t Like Star Wars: The Force Awakens (via Yahoo! Tech)

Filmmaker Behind Crowdfunded Star Trek Movie Responds to Lawsuit (via Entertainment Weekly)



The Physics Behind Popping Champagne Bottles (via WIRED)

2015: The Year “Censorship” Lost All Meaning (via The Verge)

How Reddit Took On Its Own Users…and Won (via The Guardian)



The McDonald’s Of The Future Opens In Hong Kong (via Kotaku)

Is Uber Ripping Off Its Drivers? (via MotherJones)

Netflix Will Help Parents Trick Kids Into Going to Bed Early on New Year’s Eve (via TIME)

With a unique and clever animation service, “Netflix is making it easier for parents to get their kids to go to bed early on New Year’s Eve this year. The streaming service has launched an on-demand, three-minute New Year’s Eve countdown…”

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