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The Friday Round-Up (from Internet Animation to CES 2016)

Claude Harrington 01.08.2016

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a round-up of some things you might have missed:


Monday: BOOK REVIEW: The Sales Acceleration Formula

Tuesday: 7 Intriguing Video Marketing Stats from the Past Month

Thursday: PICK OF THE WEEK: Does it Take Money to Make Money? (RSA Animation)

ICYMI: What is Moz (and Can It Help Your Business)?

ICYMI: What is SEMrush (and Can It Help Your Business)?


FROM THE VAULT: 6 Popular Animated Explainer Video Styles

“Animated explainer videos raise brand awareness, communicate complex information, improve search engine ranking, increase conversions, and engage users. They’re awesome. But before you rush out and buy the first one you see, take a look at the 6 main style of animated explainer videos to understand what each one can do for your message…”


Animation News:

Can You Make A Career Out of Internet Animation? The Pegbarians Are Definitely Trying (via CartoonBrew)

DreamWorks Extends Deal with Netflix, Preps Voltron and Trollhunters TV Shows (via Rotoscopers)

Here are the BAFTA nominations for VFX, Animated Film and British Short Animation (via DigitalArts)



11 Charts For People Who Sorta Suck At Sports (via BuzzFeed)

An Inside Look at the Taping of the Fuller House Premiere Episode (via Entertainment Weekly)

Home Entertainment Sales Fall Again (via The Wall Street Journal)



The Counterintuitive Tech Behind Netflix’s Worldwide Launch (via WIRED)

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and The Sims Partner to Inspire Girls with Gaming (via Mashable)

Why the Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel is Filming on this Insane 8K Camera (via Tech Insider)



YouTube to join Netflix and Amazon with HDR video (via Engadget)

The Five Most Disruptive Innovations at CES 2016 (via Forbes)

Welcome to the Future: Virtual Reality at CES (via CNBC)

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