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7 Reasons Why an Explainer Video Will Increase Conversions (Part 1)

Claude Harrington 01.11.2016

When it comes to sales in the digital age, attracting visitors to your webpage is half the battle. But what about the other half of that battle? How do you convert those visitors from passive voyeurs into active leads (and then ultimately into customers)? There are many tools at your disposal, but one of the most effective is an explainer video.

According to the landing page experts at unbounce.com, explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20%. That number is incredible (converting 1 of out every 5!), but perhaps shouldn’t be all too surprising given everything that an explainer has to offer. So today we’re going to look at why animated explainer videos are so well suited to improve conversion rates:

1. An Elevator Pitch for the Digital Age: Although technology may have changed the location of the proverbial “elevator pitch,” the idea behind that notion hasn’t changed at all. Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. In particular, it’s vital that you convey at least the following:

  • Who You Are
  • What You Do
  • Why What You Do Is Different/Better Than Your Competitors
  • How All of This Will Benefit the Potential Customer

Although you’ll likely agree that the four points above are important, what you may not immediately realize is that the sequence of how this information is deployed also matters as well. Which leads us to…

2. Control and Curate the User Experience: Most websites, in some form or fashion, will explain who they are, what they do, and provide answers to many of a visitor’s lingering questions. Maybe the website will even manage to impart this information in an entertaining way. But the problem is that without an explainer video, it’s very difficult to curate the sequence in which this information is obtained. Meaning that, for example, a customer can–either on purpose or by accident–skip past hearing about your value proposition and cut straight to the price of your product or service. This is obviously not information that you are actively trying to hide, but it’s information that you’d prefer to provide through the context of your choosing (i.e. here’s what you get for the cost, here are some options, etc.). But without something like an explainer video, you’re unable to choreograph your buyer’s journey.

Consider the following: When we open a book, we know where to begin (Chapter 1) and what to do (read left to right). But the same cannot be said when we open a webpage, can it? Just about everyone I know works their way through landing pages differently. Some like to start at the top and read their way down. Others like to scroll around until something (usually an image or video) catches their eye. And others still prefer to click around, jumping from link to link like Tarzan navigating from vine to vine.

The point is that everyone reads webpages differently. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with this reality, it means that content creators and web administrators can’t be quite sure  how (or if) what they are serving will be consumed.

This makes each visitor experience less like a well-calibrated journey and more like a scavenger hunt. You leave clues, hoping they’ll wind up in the places you want (and drawing the conclusions you desire), but without an explainer video to guide them through a start-to-finish journey, you really don’t know where they will end up.

This is not only a problem for you and your business, but it’s also a problem for the customer…

3. Give the Customer What They Want: As a customer–whether I’m shopping for food, entertainment or even a car–there’s nothing I love more than getting all the information I want while doing the minimum amount of work and enjoying the buying process. That may sound lazy and hedonistic, but I don’t mean it as such. Rather it’s meant to illustrate two key factors central to the modern consumer’s buying journey:

Efficiency: With so much data available nowadays, the modern consumer wants to use this information to expedite the buying process. Whether this means using an aggregation service like Kayak (instead of, say, individually comparing airline prices) or relying on the analytics of customer reviews (instead of, say, trying the product firsthand), there is now an increased emphasis on receiving pertinent information on demand.

Enjoyment: There is also an increased expectation that the information will be delivered in a convenient and, ideally, an enjoyable way. In many ways, this is the digital era equivalent of “service with a smile.” With so many vendors now offering so many similar products at similar prices, eliciting enjoyment is a way to differentiate oneself and an opportunity to present one’s unique value proposition.

With priorities like these at the forefront, an explainer video becomes even more valuable. Not only is it a quick, efficient and entertaining way to deliver one’s message, but it’s very existence–the fact that it appears front and center on a company’s website–serves as almost a nod to the customer that their time is being valued. They are instinctively appreciative that all the information they are looking for is only a click away. And all they need to do is sit back, relax and take it all in…

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of “7 Reasons Why an Explainer Video Will Increase Conversions”

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