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7 Reasons Why an Explainer Video Will Increase Conversions (Part 2)

Claude Harrington 01.12.2016

In yesterday’s post, we discussed some of the reasons why animated explainer videos are so well suited to improve conversion rates. So much so that multimillion-dollar companies like Dropbox credit their explainer as a major factor in their growth. Examples like that are just further evidence that an explainer video is perhaps the most influential and cost-effective way to tap into the increasingly rapid growth of video marketing.

So today, to help explain why this particular type of video can yield such significant results, we’ll round out our list of Reasons Why an Explainer Video Will Increase Conversions:

4) Video > Image > Text: As much as I appreciate a pithy product description or a nice photo/chart/infographic, I’ll always be more drawn to a video over any of those other formats. And apparently I’m not alone…

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, the national average attention span is 8.25 seconds. That means that, on average, you have less than ten seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before they are distracted by something else. In short: if you don’t hook your visitors right away than you may end up losing them forever.

That pressure to provide an immediately engaging experience can be intimidating, but luckily has been shown to provide a rather compelling solution. Consider the following statistics:

  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Mist Media)
  • Visitors who view videos stay on web sites an average of 2 minutes longer than those who do not. They are also 64% more likely to make a purchase (ComScore)
  • 70% of marketing professionals believe that video converts better than any other medium (MarketingProfs)

Those stats are impressive, but keep in mind that they refer to “video” in general. But let’s not forget that not all videos are created (or convert) equally. And not only are explainer videos uniquely calibrated for conversion, but they almost always end with something very important…

5. The Call to Action: Have you ever wish that, like the aircraft marshall at an airport, you could wave an orange cone across your website and direct visitors to a specific location? If so, then you’re in luck; because that’s pretty much what the Call To Action at the end of an explainer does. It’s a single chance to explicitly convert that visitor to a lead. “Fill out our form!” “Sign up for our mailing list!” “Take advantage of this incredible deal today.”

Not only does the call to action say exactly what you’ve really been wanting to say all along, but it comes at the end of an enjoyable (and efficient!) narrative so that it actually provides an answer to the viewer’s subconscious question: Okay, I like this, so what do I do next? 

6. Ambassadors of Brand (aka The Power of Narrative): Although it may appear that an explainer video ends with a specific, actionable instruction, that’s really just the beginning. Because unlike text or images, an explainer does more than outline details; it tells a story. It tells your story. And by watching this video, the viewer is now a part of your story. Even if they don’t end up converting on this visit, that curated experience will stick with them somewhere inside their brains. Not only does this make them more ripe for conversion down the line but, in a way, it’s like they have a little brand ambassador for your business walking around inside there head. All of which harkens back to the power of narrative.

In addition to its inherent entertainment value, there are certain things that a narrative can provide that facts and figures simply cannot. The intangibles. Those somewhat abstract things that no words or image can solely capture. Things like:

  • Corporate culture
  • Brand Identity
  • Customer Relations

7. Timeless = Fresh: Lastly, let’s end by talking about the benefits unique to animation.

As powerful as live-action video can be, it simply doesn’t age nearly as well as animated content. There is a timeless and universal quality to animation that doesn’t necessarily hint to the viewer when it was created. This means that animated content will feel fresher for longer.

In the supermarket of content, animation is that magical item with no expiration date. And in a teach tech-accelerated world where everybody seems to be looking for the “next big thing,” that’s no small deal…

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