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The Drawing Hand

William Gadea 10.25.2011

The Royal Society of Arts has gotten an immense amount of viral attention through a series of stop-motion whiteboard animation videos, one of which you can see here. It’s easy to see the attraction: the talks are stimulating, and seeing the concepts illustrated before your eyes by an artist turbo-charges the communication.

At IdeaRocket, we’ve gotten a number of requests for this technique, but only recently did a project come to fruition. Our client DevFactory wanted to illuminate their unique business model with a historical analogy. Together, we chose this whiteboard-style (also known as RSA-style or sketchboard) but instead of making it in stop motion, we shot a hand in front of a green screen and composited it over a pre-drawn illustration, which we revealed with animated mattes. This allowed us to have smoother camera movements than you see in the RSA videos, and it let us add some animated touches that give a little bit of extra magic to the piece.

William Gadea

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