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The Friday Round-Up (from Annecy to a Super Bowl Explainer)

Claude Harrington 02.05.2016

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a round-up of some things you might have missed:


Monday: 11 Incredible Video Marketing Stats from the Past Month

Tuesday: an artificially intelligent assistant that schedules meetings

Wednesday: PICK OF THE WEEK: Vitaminwater (explainer video)

Thursday: An Interview with Sales Samurai Dan Englander

ICYMI: 5 Common Mistakes that Many Explainer Videos Make

ICYMI: What is FreshBooks (and Can It Help Your Business?)


FROM THE VAULT: Why Your Link-Building Strategy Needs a Video Hook

Video improves your site’s SEO. We all know that. What I’d like to do is show exactly how that happens. Video is directly responsible for improving your SEO in five key metrics:

  • Inbound Links
  • Time Spent on Site
  • SERP Ranking
  • CTR with Video-Rich Snippets
  • “Quality Content” Signal to Google Bots

So in this first of five articles about video SEO I’ll discuss the most obvious benefit of video – Link Building.


Animation News:

Annecy Animation Fest Announces 12-Part Spotlight on French Animation (via CartoonBrew)

Baobab, Oculus, Penrose, Et Al: The Disneys Of Early VR Animation? (via Xconomy)

Women in Animation Leads Push to Get More Females Into the Toon Business (via Variety)



Kung Fu Panda 3 Poised for Repeat During Super Bowl Weekend (via Entertainment Weekly)

HBO’s Animals Is One of the Most Unique and Interesting Shows on Television (via /Film)

We Shall Overcome: An Oral History of the Bernie Sanders Folk Album (via Atavist)



The Inside Story of Uber’s Radical Rebranding (via WIRED)

Apple Has Started Selling the View-Master Virtual Reality Headset (via TechInsider)

Why US Tech Giants are Buying British AI Startups (via CNBC)

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.55.06 PM


The Best Super Bowl Explainer on Earth (via TheVerge)

Slower Job Growth Doesn’t Mean We’re Headed for a Recession (via FiveThirtyEight)

How to Fake Your Way Through the Super Bowl Without Knowing Anything About Football (via LifeHacker)

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