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Claude Harrington 02.29.2016

Today, we are pleased to officially open admissions for our 2016 Summer Fellowship.

Below are all the details you’ll want to know about this exciting opportunity, but before scrolling down you can download the Summer Fellowship application here.

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In years past, we’ve had artists intern for us here at IdeaRocket. While we’ve always enjoyed those experiences, we wanted to offer an opportunity that would be more active and empowering for promising young talents.

“So we thought,” explains Will Gadea, IdeaRocket’s founder and creative director, “why not let them make a film of their own? Let’s launch a fellowship program, where the focus is completely on developing their professional capabilities, rather than serving our ends.”

Our 14-week Summer Fellowship Program, which runs this summer from May 31 to September 2, offers exactly that: a chance for talented 3D artists to develop a 2-3 minute CGI film while receiving guidance and tutoring from top-level industry artists,.

“We’ve done some good 3D work at IdeaRocket,” Gadea says, “but I would like to broaden our capabilities. I’m hoping we can bring promising young artists into the fold, develop them, and potentially begin creative partnerships with them that might last years.

The winning entrant should have an existing body of work that proves their ability to execute the concept. This person will then direct the film on-site with the assistance of another on-site fellow who will closely collaborate with the director. Additionally, we will have 1-3 fellows working remotely, contributing work from whatever location they prefer. All contributors will receive onscreen credit and the completed film will  film itself will be submitted to a wide range of film festivals, giving exposure to the artists involved.

To advise these fellows, we have procured the collaboration of prominent CGI artists with vast experience in the animation industry, who will be available to review work, provide feedback and mentor young talent. We are excited to help you make something beautiful!

“What excites me most,” finishes Gadea, “is that we’re going to be letting someone make a personal film. When I was younger, I made a very ambitious personal film. I sold my apartment and used the proceeds to live for a year while I made it. I don’t regret it — I learned a lot — but I’m thrilled to be in a position where we can offer that kind of opportunity to a talented director with a compelling vision,  and surround him or her with a team so that the process of making a short can be completed in only four months…and without having to sell personal belongings.”

You can download a copy of 2016 Summer Fellowship application by clicking here.

Please submit all completed applications to

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