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New York State of Mind – Telecommuting

William Gadea 01.24.2012

There was once a notion that as telecommuting became more and more viable, the relevance of cities would fade away. Instead of living in expensive, crowded metropolises, people would move to idyllic, rural locales with low rents and super-fast internet connections.

At IdeaRocket, we love the new collaboration technologies as much as anyone. With iChat, we can share screens with remote collaborators and swap control of the apps. We can draw what we mean on Photoshop, and the animator hundreds of miles away can see what we’re drawing and say, “yeah, but how about if…” and turn around and scrawl down how they envision a scene. It’s almost like sitting right next to each other.

Almost. As good as the collaborative technologies have gotten, there is no replacement for meeting in the flesh. Communication, collaboration and relationships can flourish far easier when the meeting is face-to-face. In his excellent book The Triumph of the City, Edward L. Glaeser argues that cities make us wealthier and more productive, and that their relevance will grow rather than fade. The experience of a company like UBS, that moved to Stamford, Connecticut and then found that their recruiting suffered, tends to buttress this argument. Young, talented people want to live and work in big cities.

The majority of our creative collaborators, and many of our clients, live in New York City. We consider being based in a city that is both a creative and a business capital as one of our distinguishing advantages.

William Gadea

William Gadea is the Creative Director and Founder of IdeaRocket.

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