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The Next Big Thing

William Gadea 02.07.2012

Here in 2012, we have seen many waves hit the internet shore: portals, internet commerce, search, social media, daily deals, cloud computing. Each of these waves have created billions of dollars in market capitalization, as well as many failed companies that never caught the peak.

What is the next big thing? My guess is it will be an information concierge.

Why ask sites, channels or publications to curate content for you, when the technology plainly exists to create a site or app that could anticipate the articles, tweets, pictures and videos that will interest you? It could draw on a large storehouse of information in order to guess what you might want to look at.

At first, it might rely on what you say you’re interested in: your professional field, your pop culture likes, your interests. It might also be informed by location and demographics. But as time passed, it could learn from your clicking history and what people similar to you click on, as well as how long you spend on each item, what you ‘like’, and what you recommend to others. It could prioritize the hot items that are receiving links, social mentions and recommendations. It would probably be an algorithm at least as complicated as Google’s search formula.

There are players out there edging into this space: provides something like this on the web, and Zite provides it for iPads. Is there a winner in the ring yet? I’m not sure, but if someone hits the ball squarely they could be a threat not just to established media channels such as magazines and networks, but also Facebook and Google.

William Gadea

William Gadea is the Creative Director and Founder of IdeaRocket.

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