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6 Great Animated Political Explainers

Dan 02.13.2012

It all started with School House Rock, and since then the lowly bill on Capitol Hill has come a long way… or at least the niche of the animated political explainer video has. In today’s political landscape, animation simplifies complex issues for the benefit of those who, for some unknown reason, do not enjoy sifting through thousands of pages of legislation or contentious editorials.

Putting aside any various leanings or biases, here are some top-quality animated political explainers.

1. Understanding SOPA

Brought to you by the Guardian.co.uk, the video offers a cheeky look into the recent censorship battle.

2. NBA Lockout Explainer

This one’s not so political, but it covers the NBA lockout with all the finesse of a chainsaw on a pizza. Brought to you by NMA.tv out of Taiwan, who are, as of late, the masters of quirky analogy-driven 3D animation.

3. “Health Reform Hits Mainstreet”

Brought to you by the Kaiser Foundation, this vid gives an overview of Obama’s health reform bill.

4. “The Collapse of the American Dream”

An explainer on the housing crisis.

5. Super PAC Madlibs

Mark Fiore’s take on the republican campaign cycle.

6. Worst Slide Story

Another one on the financial mess, this time to the tunes of West Side Story. Created by Mark Handlesman.

Yes, I’m sure there are many I’ve missed. Comment below with links!

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