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The Friday Round-Up (from Google Doodles to Animated Explainer Videos)

Claude Harrington 06.03.2016

If for some reason your alarm failed to go off on Monday morning, and you accidentally slept through this entire week, then here’s a round-up of some things you might have missed:


Monday: 10 Incredible Simpsons Couch Gags Created by Guest Animators

Tuesday: PICK OF THE WEEK: The New Plastics Economy (explainer video)

Wednesday: 7 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats from the Past Month

Thursday: What is Proposify (and Can It Help Your Business)?

ICYMI: 5 Tips to Help Maximize Your Animated Whiteboard Video

ICYMI: The Best of Virtual Reality Animated Videos


FROM THE VAULT: How an Explainer Video Made $8 Million. For a Cooler.

“As of this writing (August 12th, 2014), the Kickstarter explainer video for a redesigned cooler, called “The Coolest,” has raised over $8,565,002. The original goal was $50k.

And it still has 17 days to go. Quality explainer videos always start with a great script. Even a 30-second explainer needs to have the four elements of a great narrative to achieve it’s objective.”


Animation News:

Google Doodle Honors Animation Pioneer Lotte Reiniger (via Vox)

How Finding Dory Learned from the Mistakes of Finding Nemo (via io9)

An Oral History of ILM’s Dragonheart on its 20th Anniversary (via Cartoon Brew)



Cars 3 Concept Art and Details Reveal a Sleek New Character to Help Lightening McQueen (via /Film)

Storyboards from Doomed Spider-Man 4 Revealed (via Planet Henderson)

The True Story Of The Fake Zombies, The Strangest Con In Rock History (via BuzzFeed)



A Future Where Pets Don’t Die (via The Ringer)

Here’s How the Government Will Work on Mars, According to Elon Musk (via Recode)

The Highest Tech Stadium in Sports is Built Like a Tesla (via WIRED)



An Elegy for the Capital-I Internet (via The Atlantic)

How The Lonely Island Changed the Internet, Comedy, and Especially Internet Comedy (via Vulture)

4 Reasons Startups Should Use Animated Explainer Videos (via B2C)

“Almost every startup struggles with video marketing in the online world. The common problem is that they treat digital video marketing the same as TV advertising.

But until recently, with the numbers of startups going through the roof, the number of animated explainer videos have grown exponentially.

After being involved in producing animated explainer videos for hundreds of startups from around the world, we determined 4 reasons why there are tons of startups that prefer having an animated explainer video to a live-action promotional video.”

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